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Dear mama

We won the battle of appotamax court it was an easy battle and the rebs are dumb enough to fall for our trap we outnumbered them. We made the rebs surrender which is good for the union. With this victory for us I get to come back home to you and not have to fight in this darn war anymore I just want to go home and eat a good meal with my mama. But the bad thing is president Lincoln was assassinated at a play which means we have no president and needs to find the mans who killed him. Know that we won the war I can sleep without having to wake up in the middle of the night to go on guard duty. I get to eat good meals with my mama. I will see you when I come home mama, I promise.

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Journal Entry -1865
The war has ending. And oh my goodness was it not easy. Who knew that this war lasted so long. My heart thought that all this was going to last only three months but oh boy we couldn’t of been more wrong. 1861-1865 my medal says. Can you believe that? Do I regret ever enlisting in the army at 17? I do a little, I should’ve let myself grow up. I had to grow up to fast during war. But hey, the civil war showed me what it really is like to be a man. You’ll never know how hard it is to get attached to someone, then watching them die in the battlefield suffering. Then for what? To get ordered to make a wall out of their bodies! I’ll never stop having post traumatic stress from the flashbacks of war. Every night my dreams showcase the nightmares of war, and having to eat that disgusting hardtack. I regret that my aunt and uncle ever spoiled me, cause after going to war, I’ve learned to count my blessings. There have been so many times that I could’ve died out on the battl…

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The south and north were always engaging in war that seemed too prolonged to be true. Meanwhile the troops are hardly enraging; the will to fight isn’t like it used to.
Maybe a new face will end our torment? Maybe that new face will make it seem nice. His plan to storm the South is unpleasant. In fact, the people die, or flee like mice.
Houses burn down, slaves are stolen, and when Atlanta thinks they can barely leave scathed, All to the sea is sieged to their chagrin. Sherman haunted the south, a stalking wraith.
Look out, he will goed your Georgia to howl
Soon, you’ll be taken, by soon, I mean now.

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Dear Diary,

     The war is shaping up tremendously for us. As an outcome of General Sherman´s plan to march through the south, we were able to destroy Atlanta, one of the most substantial manufacturing centers for the Confederacy. Important states in the south have now split in two, we have destroyed their communication and transportation lines, and destroyed towns and farmlands. When experience this it may sound very negative and unnecessary, but what is more important is that now that the south is losing hope. We have a path to leave this battle with the victory we are destined to have, and now is a great time to continue battling until the south cannot fight any longer. Whatever our decisions are, whether they are sometimes necessary and not, it is important that we that it is very necessary when we remember who we´re fighting for, something that is more than unnecessary but inhumane. As the war progresses closer to its end, I look forward to getting ready to pack up and go home a…

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Journal Entry-1964

We’re so close to winning. I cant wait to go home and see my beloved aunt and uncle. They spoiled me so much that my experience with this war has made me entirely unmaterialistic. I hope there will be only a few battles soon. We’re so close to winning I can taste it. I’m so grateful with how far General Grant has taken us. He truly is a brilliant man. May God bless him with all the accomplishment he’s let the Union partake in. Our clothes have improved thankfully. There’s no way we can fail now. I cant wait to go home and actually eat some good food. Unlike, this grotesque hardtack and salted pork. I pray to Jesus he will let me make it out of this war alive. I’m Twenty years as of now. Can you believe that? Entering the war at 17 was especially not easy, but I wouldn’t regret it for the world. It’s been an honor so far to of fought for our country. The Confederates can’t ever take our morale from us. I cant wait till the day where our society can be one as a whole, …